Bulli B Racing
16 Feb 2019
Nominations Close:
Tuesday 12 Feb 2019

Ladbrokes - Cyril Rowe Gold Cup Non-graded Heats 472m (As determined by nominations) (Group 2 - Ladbrokes-Cyril Rowe Gold Cup Heats Best 64 greyhounds plus reserves as determined under GRNSW Grading Policy. NSW GBOTA and GRNSW reserve the right to reduce the number of heats to be conducted in the event of insufficient nominations being received. Priority entry granted to nominated greyhounds that have won a Group 1 event or a Group 2 event of not less than 450m and not more than 595m in the 12 months prior to close of nominations. Remaining balance of heats determined under the guidelines of the GRNSW TAB Grading policy. Heat field composition shall have top 25% seeded , determined using GRNSW pointscore system, no guarding to apply to top 25% . Balance of fields determined by blind draw , guarding to apply. )
Prize money: $1,700 / $520 / $395
Date of Final: 23 Feb 2018
Final Prize Money: $40,000

Bulli Battlers 5th Grade Stake 400m (Open to all 5th Grade nominations over the advertised distance. Greyhounds determined by bottom-up grading, based on point score.)
Prize money: $900 / $275 / $205

4/5th Grade Stake 590m
Prize money: $1,700 / $520 / $395

Masters Stake 400m (Greyhounds will be drawn on a Masters Grade/Pointscore basis. Stake can contain M1/M2/M3 grades combined. The number of Masters events that will be run is based on flow of nominations. )
Prize money: $900 / $275 / $205