The NSW GBOTA is currently seeking to work with GRNSW  and GWIC on a range of educational items for the benefit of participants. 

One of these items is understanding and mitigating risk. Here are a few helpful reminders to protect your racing experience: 

  1. Good hygiene is a safe guard to many issues in racing, Therefore ensure water bowls and muzzles are cleaned between racing
  2. Wash your hands regularly, particularly after consuming food and beverages. Too often we see people consume a coffee or soft drink and then handle a greyhound 
  3. Know your rights when kennelling. You can request a torch be supplied for checking of kennels. Be sure to check all internal walls, floor and ceiling 
  4. Ensure you complete kennel transfers quickly with the relevant governing body
  5. If you have a concern make it known straight away. This includes unknown persons patting your dog at a presentation, a lack of process etc. 
  6. Keep your records in order