Stakeholders are advised of the following in relation to the delays to the rebuild of the Gosford track.

GRNSW, in consultation with NSW GBOTA, has submitted a request for funding for the Gosford project from the NSW Government’s grants program for greyhound track safety. The request, which was supported by a business case, is being reviewed by the Office of Racing. We hope to have an update on this funding request shortly.

Work was originally ceased due to underlying ground movement, below the track sub-base, which must be treated to ensure the overall rebuild of the track is undertaken in such a way that ensures its longevity.

Coordinating parties understand the strain that is placed on participants, workers, sponsors and the local community, when local venues are unable to be used for sustained periods.

The overall intent however, is to ensure that the project is completed in a manner that ensures the final project starts to deliver on the betterment of the industry and its racing venues. 

The NSW GBOTA is aware of concerns raised with regards to the conversion of the Gosford site to Hospital car parking. This rumour is not true, DA applications and building applies to the Showground Road to the south of the track. 

Further updates, including the projected return to racing will be provided as soon as possible.