The NSW GBOTA today announces that the 2019 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Challenge will now have the final run on Saturday, July 13.

The decision is connected to the rescheduling of the Group 1 Ladbrokes Peter Mosman which will also be held on July 13 and have a series adjustment. Further details of the 2019/20 Group Race calendar will be announced in conjunction with GRNSW in May.


The Peter Mosman series will become a 2 week bitches only series, while the Vic Peters will move to July also and be for dogs only. Both events will be for greyhounds whelped on or after March 1, 2017.


Due to the rescheduling of the Ladbrokes Back Yourself Final, three additional legs have been added to provide greyhounds with consistency of racing. They include Lismore on June 11, Gouldburn on June 18 and Casino on June 28.