Participants are advised that Wentworth Park will progress to the hoop arm for racing Saturday, July 1, 2017. 

To provide an opportunity to trial behind the hoop arm, trials on Tuesday, June 27 between 6-7pm will be behind the hoop arm. Trials in the standard into the pen session will be conducted free of charge, so to increase opportunities for participants to trial and staff to adjust to modifications. 

A break between into the pen and bookings will then occur to allow the lure arm to be changed. 

Tickets for free into pen trials must be obtained from the 520m boxes by 6.15pm. Tickets sold after this time will be charged as per normal rates. 

Bookings for this week must still be made through NSW GBOTA Head Office. 

Participants are reminded that the session on July 4 will be open to bookings from Friday, June 30 online at All participants are encouraged to log on and trial the system before it goes live.