The NSW GBOTA advises that the meeting at Gosford, Friday, October 20 has been abandoned. 

Stewards have made a determination early that given the ongoing rain and some identified softer patches in the track that abandonment was the safest decision. 

A channel approximately 1metre from the running rail is currently holding water, which has made certain sections softer. Remedial works to repair and allow the meeting to progress were discussed, however unable to be undertaken due to ongoing rain in the region. 

NSW GBOTA Operations Manager, Ellen Harris, said the lost meeting was frustrating and the impact upon participants is disappointing for all involved. 

"We appreciate how hard this is for participants, to spend time getting each runner ready for no return," Harris said. 

"We are working with GRNSW on what could of been done to avoid the situation because abandonment isn't in anyones interest. 

"Ultimately however, the decision to abandon due to welfare concerns is the right move by Stewards, we can't be putting any greyhound in an increased position of potential injury," Harris added.