Greyhounds Australasia have just released their most recent Stud Book – No 64 2015/2016.


The stud book is essential reading for greyhound participants, with a wealth of data available to whet any appetite. Check out the pedigree of greyhound racings finest, and research which sires have gone on to produce their own little superstars.


This year’s stud book lists 434 sires, reported 11,366 pups whelped, 1,788 litters, with 12,623 names issued.


The most popular sires are listed below, ordered by the number of litters produced. There are many and varied reasons why many well credentialled and proven sires just failed to reach 20 litters in the year. Such quality sires included: Bella Infrared, Black Magic Opal, Cape Hawke, Cosmic Chief, Djay’s Octane, Dyna Lachlan, Dyna Torn, Fear Zafonic, Glen Gallon, Jagger Swagger, Lochinvar Marlow, Nolan, Paw Licking, Premier Baloney, Shakey Jakey, Surf Lorian, Swift Fancy, See Man Vane.


You can find out more by ordering your copy today for just $80 (+$10 postage). Call Greyhounds Australasia on (03) 9548 3500 or email to pick up a copy.




            Stud Book no 64 2015/2016 Sires Litters

 Stud Dog           Litters 2015/16           Litters 2014/15


Barcia Bale                      133                     235

Fabregas                          117                     224

Fernando Bale                  82                       nil

My Bro Fabio                    75                       nil

Magic Sprite                      67                       83

Cosmic Rumble                65                       186

Dyna Double One             59                       nil

Banjo Boy                         47                       51

Kinloch Brae                     44                       30

Bekim Bale                       =37                     88

Spring Gun                       =37                     141

El Grand Senor                30                        66

Don’t Knock Him              26                        22

Oaks Road                       25                        48

Kiowa Mon Manny.          23                        19

Collision                           20                        68