Participants will be permitted to trial without a muzzle at Wentworth Park from October 1. 

Participants which book in for a finish on / lead on trial, can provide their own lure, which must be in line with GRNSW Racing Rules. This means it must be made of synthetic material only and not have any animal product applied. In addition following rules apply:

  • The lure must be presented to the Trial Supervisor on arrival to the track.
  • The lure must also have a spring loaded clip to allow attachment to the hoop arm in a quick and secure manner.
  • Lures may not be longer than 20cm. 
  • Trial Supervisor has the right to deem the lure unsafe for attachment, should they determine that the clip is faulty or not securely attached to the lure. This decision is final and is undertaken to ensure the safe and timely running of trials. 
  • Any greyhound which is finishing on to the Wentworth Park lure must trial with a muzzle on.