Commencing on Saturday Night July 1ST there will no longer be solo trials available after race meetings at Bulli.

Trials will consist of 4 dog fields over all distances. A maiden Field trial will also be conducted over the 400m & 472m distances  

The order on race nights will be as follows

  1. 590m Open Field
  2. 515m Open Field
  3. Maiden Field 472m
  4. Open Field 472m
  5. Open Field 472m 
  6. Maiden Field 400m
  7. Open Field 400m
  8. Open Field 400m
  9. Open Field 400m

Additional 4 dog field trials will be run pending demand. The number of trials will depend on demand on the night.

We are relying on trainer honesty when placing Greyhounds in 4 dog Maiden Fields & we will monitor this moving forward. 

We encourage trainers to phone and book there place in 4 dog field trials after the last race in advance. 1st in best dressed for box allocation

Field trials will be booked in order. E.g. when the 1st field trial is full with bookings it will move on to the next field trial for that distance.  

Cost will be reduced to $5 per Greyhound for race night field trials.

Bulli will still trial on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  

Bulli is also currently consulting with GRNSW for the re-introduction at Bulli of Reserve trials under the hot weather policy before the race meeting commencing July 1st

We will keep you informed on those proceeds.